New mum Lindsay Edison has taken the bold step of starting her own not-for-profit project to provide support to children and families struggling with the cost of living.

Lindsay was inspired by the work of a similar project, the Lanarkshire Baby Bank, and at the same time shocked that so many people need this type of support in modern-day Scotland. It was this realisation that led her to start her own project which she has named Bridie’s Babes.

Like its Glasgow counterpart, Bridie’s Babes aims to provide toiletries, baby food, clothing, toys, and books to those in need throughout the area. The project is committed to providing these at no cost to the beneficiary.

Lindsay’s intention is to collaborate with other agencies who are already involved with those in need. By taking this approach individuals who may benefit from her project can be identified and referred to her for assistance.

All of the items supplied through Bridie’s Babes are obtained through donations of new and used goods made by members of the community. Some items are purchased using funds raised at events organised by the project.

Anyone who is interested in supporting the project is invited to attend the first fundraising event which is to be held in Largs on Sunday 19th March. For further details follow Bridie’s Babes on Facebook..

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