The company that was awarded the contract to resurface Saltcoats’ Countess Street has gone into administration leaving much of the work unfinished.

Land Engineering (Scotland) Ltd. was awarded the £813k contract by the North Ayrshire Council/Irvine Bay Regeneration Co. partnership in August 2016 and work commenced in September with an expected completion date of March this year. The project was handed over to North Ayrshire Council following the winding up of Irvine Bay Regeneration Company.

A worker removes safety fencing from Countess Street

A worker removes safety fencing from Countess Street

The company announced that it went into formal administration on 30th May with the loss of 135 jobs and has now ceased work on the project. As a result, the safety fencing and temporary lighting that was put in place while the work was underway is being removed by the fencing subcontractors. It is unclear whether or not this will be replaced by North Ayrshire Council to ensure that members of the public are not exposed to tripping hazards and electrical wiring left exposed by the contractors.

Exposed electrical cabling left unburied adjacent to shop entrances.

Unfinished kerbs pose a tripping hazard to local shoppers.

Patrick Wiggins, Chief Executive of the now defunct Irvine Bay Regeneration Company, speaking about the project in October last year said: “The regeneration of Countess Street will complement the town hall project, creating an attractive setting for events such as weddings to be held in the hall.

“Construction work will begin in spring 2016 and is due to be completed before Christmas 2016.

“Care will be taken throughout the works to minimise disruption to businesses and the functioning of the new town hall as a wedding and events venue.”

Local business owners who have already suffered from the disruption caused by the recent and lengthy repair work to Saltcoats Town Hall are now facing the prospect of further damage to their businesses as a result of this setback.

The end of the road. The new paving is abruptly terminated by a patch of hastily-laid tarmac.


  1. Shocking! After promising businesses that the disruption would end in March, they are set to suffer for who knows how long! Would love to know how you expect these businesses to continue! ….perhaps this was the plan all along! Commence the buck passing!!!

  2. Bloody joke and I bet the local businesses effected by this had no rates reduction of any sort but had them increased in April!!!

  3. Maybe it’s time someone thought about investigating north Ayrshire council and the former Irvine bay company, without them this debacle would never have happened and the money wasted could have gone into the community to make real improvements!!!!!

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