Watch a movie for free while supporting your local food bank

Families in Ardrossan and the surrounding area will soon be able to enjoy a night out at the cinema and support those in food crisis at the same time. Thanks to funding from the North Ayrshire Development Trust, North Ayrshire Foodbanks has been able to purchase the equipment needed to show full-length feature films.

The cinema will operate from the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene, but those living in other parts of North Ayrshire will be pleased to know that there are plans to take the cinema to outlying areas.

North Ayrshire Foodbanks Coordinator, Craig Crosthwaite said: “Our cinema equipment is mobile, and although the cinema will operate primarily from the church at this stage, we are actively looking for suitable venues in other parts of North Ayrshire, especially those in which there are a high number of food bank beneficiaries.

“Our performance licence doesn’t allow us to charge for admission, so the cinema is free to attend. However, we have our own hot dog and popcorn machines so we will be able to generate some revenue from them. All proceeds from food sales and donations will go back in to the food bank and our children’s meal club Make A Meal Of It (MAMOI).”

The mobile cinema will open its doors at 6pm on Saturday 18 February at the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene. The audience will be made up mainly of invited guests: patrons and funders, volunteers, the staff at MAMOI and children’s groups, and other local groups and charities.

The church holds 180 people and normally there would be no need to book, but for the launch, anyone from the local community who wishes to come along should contact Craig Crosthwaite on 07411 113 126 to check that there will be sufficient seats available at the opening event.

And if you are wondering what movie will be shown, Craig explained that the cinema’s performance licence does not allow him to advertise at this stage. “All I can tell you is that it will be a recent family-orientated movie that everyone will enjoy.”

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