On Sunday, February 28, Cutting It hair salon in Irvine provided a wash and blow dry to customers in return for a bag of groceries.

The event was part of a UK-wide initiative conceived by the DeFacto hairstylist directory website and has been picked up by both local and national newspapers. Already, the event has enjoyed radio time and press coverage.

The organisers stressed that initiative was ‘strictly a non-political event but acknowledged that there are many families struggling to feed themselves through no fault of their own’. In their press release DeFacto Managing Director states: “Food bank [stocks] across the country are at an all time low following huge demand over Christmas. This is our chance to make a difference locally.”

The owners and staff at Cutting It rose to the challenge and gave up their Sunday afternoon to support North Ayrshire Foodbanks.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Cutting It owner Feryn Raeside-Macneil said: “We opened our doors last Sunday for a very worthwhile cause as the North Ayrshire Foodbank is currently running low so it was perfect timing.

“It was a really successful day as those that came in and donated a bag of messages got a free blowdry and were also treated to free drinks and home baking, and one lucky winner was entered into our raffle to receive a free cut and blowdry.

“We hope we can make this an annual event for our salon and we would encourage any other local hairdressers to join in as ‘Hairstylists Against Hunger’ is a campaign that affects people in our community.”

Staff at Cutting It, Irvine gave up their Sunday to collect groceries for North Ayrshire Foodbanks.

North Ayrshire Foodbanks are very grateful to: the Cutting It Salon for giving up their time; DeFacto for organising the event nationally; the Scottish and Ayrshire media for publicising it; and of course to the many customers who donated food to their project.

Thank you one and all.

An Ideas Pack available for download from the North Ayrshire Foodbanks website which will be of use to anyone who would like to hold their own fundraising or grocery collection event.
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